Packaging production, which is developed in the world market, has become an indispensable rule of product marketing by developing in our country. Kayabaşı Şenol Ambalaj has become one of the prominent companies in the packaging chain by supporting the products and solutions it offers to its valuable business partners in this market. Our company, which is operating on 6000 m2 open and 4500 m2 closed area, has been making radical changes since 2005 and continuing to renew its machinery park and trying to offer you fast and profitable solutions.

In 2013, it increased its production by 2 times and started to provide more services. With the professional approach of the management team and team, your orders are produced at the lowest level of error rate.

In addition to plate-shaped corrugated cardboard production, our products will also take the final form of Corrugated, Corrugating, Plastering, Printing, Cutting, Bonding services such as labor offers. Your orders are delivered ready to be delivered to your customers.

At Kayabaşı Şenol Ambalaj, service concept and customer satisfaction are above everything. If you want to get information about your order, you can reach your information more quickly by contacting the relevant people.